Earn money back with Herbsnbeans

Earn money back is a way of Herbsnbeans to show appreciation to its customers.

Earn up to 2% in commission income from approved sales made using referral link. Approved sales can be made either by you or your friends.

How does the affiliate program work?

Sign-up with Herbsnbeans affiliate portal and become a member.

After registration, you will be provided with a referral link which you can use to promote our products on your blog, facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc

You will be rewarded for any purchase made using your referral link.

Can I use my referral link for myself and earn commission?

Yes, you can do that.

How do I sign up for this program?

Click here to sign up and start earning more money.

How will I get paid?

All payments are made out through paypal when you earn a minimum amount of £30 through sales made by your referral links.

How much is the commission?

There are different commission rates for our products. The range is between 1% and 2%.

For more information about the commission rates, you can check the commission structure after you sign up.

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